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DIOSA, @thesubwaydancer, munich based digital music producer, vocal artist and expressionist dancer, loves to work with children, young adults and with people with disabilities.
Mostly she expresses herself through dance and sound.
Doing that she likes to be guided by an inner voice.
At the moment her music moves through directions of Neue Deutsche Welle (“New German Wave”), Electronic Body Music and Trance.
She wants to strengthen rooms for free expression and individual development. Especially in places where space and support of variety is missing, like very clearly in Munich. The subculture of this city is sacred to her, because of the great lack of representation of so many artists in their search of a little “welcomeness”.
She wants to fight to ensure that the city stops eradicating uniqueness, but in the contrary starts encouraging it.
She wants to arouse and protect the courage to be different.


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