“How to write a clear and effective artists statement?”

What is an artist’s statement? 
The artist statement is a fundamental piece of writing that gives readers a first snapshot of your practice. Whether you need it for your website or an application, it should grab the reader’s attention and make them want to know more about your work. But an artist statement can be tricky to write and it’s important to foresee possible flaws beforehand.

This workshop will provide you the knowledge, skills and techniques you need to be able to write a clear and effective artist statement. 

At the end of the workshop you will have in your hand your artist statement that you can immediately use. 


How do I create an artist statement?
What do I need to include?
For whom? How can I address it in connection to the readers ( website, museum Galleries, Residencies, open call.
What are the Do’s and don’ts when writing
Which Length(s) does it have?
What kind of Language, terminology, jargon could I use? 

This workshop helps you identify the diverse purposes an artist statement serves and the writing styles you can use to tackle them. If you wish to write an effective statement, you should also know how to produce a clear and coherent piece of writing. We will look into a number of do’s and don’ts to refine your writing style, with collective exercises while also considering examples of statements written by other artists.

After learning some basic theory, you will be given time to write your own statement and will receive tailored feedback on a second session. 

Artists will learn the purpose of writing artist statements, the components of creating effective personal narratives, tangible tips for keeping their statements updated on a regular basis, modifying statements for different platforms and more. 

Learnings from this workshop can apply to improving applications for grants, residencies, fellowships, websites, portfolio; press releases; marketing materials and more.

At the end of the workshop you will receive a toolkit you can refer to anytime you need, as the artist statement will change following your career path! 


Participants will learn, through a series of tailored exercises,  experiencing different
techniques and directed practice. 


From whom: 

Jessica Capra is a cultural professional with ten years of experience of working in culture and supporting artists in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, Turkey and Italy. She initiates and develops cultural projects based on needs, created to make a change. She works for and with artists and cultural professionals.
The ideas pillar of every project she develops are based on promoting shared knowledge, connecting people, enhancing their skills and starting up new cooperation that will create value for the current cultural situation. Her passion for motivating, empowering and advising others, especially young cultural professionals and artists, led her to the creation of The Artist and The Others. A foundation based in the Maastricht & Munich which provides artists with the knowledge, skills and connections they need to develop their careers further while working with European partnerships.


Mariana Sesma 

Mariana Sesma is a cultural manager from Brazil with several years of experience in small and large brazilian art institutions, including the São Paulo Biennial. Graduated in Visual Arts and holding an MBA in Cultural Management, she has vast knowledge of contemporary art and has worked in the fields of Institutional and International relations, Fundraising, Art mediation, as well as having organized numerous art exhibitions. She is passionate about art and culture and a true believer in its crucial role towards a better society. Her professional mission is to contribute in making the arts ever more sustainable and accessible to diverse audiences. https://www.linkedin.com/in/mariana-sesma/